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Thread: Difficulty getting a job!

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    Unhappy Difficulty getting a job!

    Hi everyone,
    I just arrived a couple of weeks ago with my partner. He got a job offer before hand, and I was quite nervous about me finding a job. Now I'm kind of getting a little bit sad because I don't really see anything there for me, or I've been told "no". I don't understand, I do have experience as a Project Manager and I've worked in HR, but it seems this is not enough! My previous job was great and my boss was really sad that I left, told me I was a pleasure to work with and everything. I'm not even looking for like the super job, just something interesting and challenging.

    Does anyone have any tips? Can it be that it's slow because it's almost December? I'm getting so frustrated here! :(

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    We always says it's much easier to get a job offer when you are actually in NZ but, even then, it can be difficult because some employers are resistent to taking on people from overseas because of the amount of paperwork involved although, if you already have a work permit through your partner, it shouldn't put them to too much extra trouble. They also sometimes like to see some previous NZ work experience. If you have only been in the country a few weeks, it's still early days ad these issues don't apply to every potential employer. It's just a case of reaching out to the right one. Finding a job in the current economic climate is pretty hard for many people, wherever they are, so don't give up yet. It's just taking longer than it normally would. And, yes, things could be moving slower on the runup to Christmas. Nothing much moves until after the holidays are over, so we're looking at mid-late January before things get going again, I'm afraid. That's not to say you should stop looking. Good luck!
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    I agree with Mother Bear that things are very slow because of the summer shut down - and to be honest nothing will really start for at least another week if not a bit longer.

    It is hard to get a job here even with experience. I'm a registered nurse with 20+ years experience and it took me a long time to get a job - and nursing is on the shortage list!

    Keep your chin up and my best advice, and it becomes more true the longer I'm in this country (which is now 2 1/2 years) - is that most jobs are obtained through word of mouth and never advertised.

    I've just started a second job (just one day as week) as I only work part time anyway, and through this job I already have three potential job offers - in the space of 2 weeks!

    Get in touch with your local community - there are jobs out there, they just don't advertise them. My other piece of advice is to try Telecom - my other half has worked for them since we moved here and they happily take on suitable experienced overseas staff - its run by a Scotsman!.

    Good luck

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