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Thread: Sunny outlook for Labour weekend

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    Sunny outlook for Labour weekend
    Last updated 12:01 22/10/2010

    Picture-perfect weather predicted to begin at Labour weekend could see the entire country basking in sunshine for up to 10 days.

    A large high will begin moving slowly across New Zealand today, bringing fine, warm weather just in time for the holiday weekend.

    MetService weather ambassador Bob McDavitt said the high will mean the start of a long, dry sunny period for many people.

    "We don't know when it's going to rain next. Not for the next 10 days it seems," he said.

    McDavitt said the barometer pressure was rising rapidly this morning, meaning an end to "all the cold stuff" by the end of Friday.

    "We're talking about warm, sunny days perfect for picnics. Just remember to look out for the UV levels," he said.

    The warmest places during the weekend would be on the eastern side of the country, in Gisborne, Hawke's Bay and Christchurch, where temperatures would peak around 24 degrees on Sunday.

    Auckland would also reach its peak temperature of 21 degrees on Sunday, while Wellington would see a high of 17 degrees on Sunday and Monday.

    McDavitt said the only blemish to the "Camelot" weather could be a front that might move on to Fiordland, bringing some rain for Westland and Southland on Sunday.

    For those looking to travel today, reported that overall road conditions were "looking fantastic" in most areas, with just a few showers about the North Island's east coast spoiling the fun.

    It said those same eastern areas may also have a little air turbulence, but nothing severe, for those looking to fly.

    However, rough seas and four-metre swells in the Cook Strait could affect some ferry passengers during Friday, given a strong southerly.

    The wind was predicted to ease overnight.

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