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Thread: Theft in Auckland-please help

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    Default Theft in Auckland-please help


    My sister had moved to auckland after granted to PR,last year. Her house got robbed yesterday and her passport and all important information have been taken away,apart from electronics. She has called in the NZ police for further investigation and blocked all her debit/credit cards.

    Can someone help us with the next steps to take ,as she is alone there.Please drop in ur suggestions so that we can be of help.

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    So sorry to hear what happened to your sister. It must be all the more upsetting for her if she is alone in Auckland and has no one to share this with.

    Does she know if there is an embassy from her home country in Auckland where she can go for help and advice? I have to admit that the British embassies I have come across while living abroad have not been the best and have been full of non-British people, but it might be worth a try and she may feel more comfortable speaking to people who understand where she is coming from. Let's hope her own embassy might be more proactive.
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    If she has insurance the company who insure her will be able to help her with the process.
    If she is feeling very upset it could be worth talking to Victim Support, and also contact the local citizens advice bureau

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