Motorists face rego shock with ACC rise
By Phoebe Falconer
4:00 AM Tuesday Jun 29, 2010

Motorists looking to register their vehicles are in for a shock from Thursday.

Increases in ACC levies, the major part of a registration fee, mean the cost of registration will leap - as much as 61 per cent for motorcycles over 600cc.

However, the rises are not as bad as first expected.

The forecast rise in the ACC levy for motorcycles over 600cc was expected to be as much as $745.77.

Instead, it has been held at $426.92, up from the present $252.69. Combined with registration fees and petrol tax, this means a motorcyclist will pay $517.25 a year just to keep his or her bike on the road.

Motorcycle accident claims have risen from 871 in 1998 to more than 5000 in 2008, a greater increase than in any other class of vehicle.

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