Driving licence fees going up
The Dominion Post
Last updated 05:00 04/06/2010

Drivers will have to pay more to get behind the wheel after the Government confirmed a raft of licensing fee increases.

Bad drivers will be hit especially hard, with a $65 reinstatement fee introduced for people getting their licence back after being suspended.

Charges for 22 licensing services will go up from July 1, including fees for basic private driving licences.

Application and testing fees for a learner licence will increase $12.90 to $91.90, restricted fees will increase $17.60 to $105.80, and full licence fees will increase $18.10 to $133.20.

But the basic licence renewal fee will drop by $1.30 to $43 one of 19 fees that will decrease from July 1.

The $65 reinstatement fee will apply to drivers who have had their licence suspended for accumulating more than 100 demerit points in two years or those who have been disqualified as part of a court-ordered penalty.

Transport Minister Steven Joyce said there had been no fee changes since 2002 and the cost of delivering licensing services was not being met by the income from fees.

In the 2008/09 year, licensing fees raised $41.6 million but the cost of the licensing system was $49.4m. The changes are set to raise about $8m to help meet the shortfall.

See the full list of fee changes at nzta.govt.nz

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