most of you will know that a job offer is often required before you can apply for a visa in New Zealand and you come across this "catch 22" situation of "can't secure a job offer as I don't have a visa and can't secure a visa because I don't have a job offer!"

There are barriers between you and the employers and recruiters here in NZ so simply sending a CV to an employer often results in no response. This is often because the employer needs to know about your commitment to the move before they will interview you. An employer needs to know

That you are eligible for a visa
That you are prepared for the visa process
That you are ready to start work i.e. can be in NZ within weeks of securing a job offer
That you will settle and stay when you get here

If you can show these things then you are putting yourself ahead of the people who are just uploading CV's. You are in competition with a lot of people from overseas and within NZ so you need a job search strategy and ideally employment support to help you.

Of course every move is different but I will post some of my experiences of people we have helped secure job offers and hopefully that will help some of you on here as well