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Thread: MoveToNZ's Licensed Immigration Adviser

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    Cool MoveToNZ's Licensed Immigration Adviser

    MoveToNZ is happy to welcome Sarah of New Zealand Shores to the forum. Sarah is a Licensed Immigration Adviser and is available to answer immigration policy related questions.

    PLEASE NOTE: Sarah is unable to answer case specific questions. Without knowing the full facts of your case, it would be unethical and a breach of the Immigration Advisers Code of Conduct for her to do so. If you require case specific help, please register for the 'Ask an Expert' section of the forum. There is a small fee for this service.

    You can find a list of account upgrade options and the associated fees here: Account Options

    If you require full immigration services, go to New Zealand Shores : the migration specialists

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    This forum is SUCH a big help! Many thanks to all of you who are so generous in sharing your wealth of information and opinions with us. :)

    I have a question for Sarah (or anyone who may have an answer): Is there a difference between the Full Check Initial Assessment and the ITA, or are they the same thing?

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    Not something I've come across before but it looks like it's a form used by applicants to allow someone like an immigraton consultant to properly assess their chances of a successful application. There seems to be a fee involved in this.
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