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Thread: haven't declared driving offence...

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    Default haven't declared driving offence...

    oh man, more complications..

    Ive just gone been going through our ITA and have realised that the question that says 'has your partner been charged with any offence in any country' has a NO next to it, when it should have been YES. He was charged with having no insurance 4 and a half years ago (moving campervans between garages, evil policeman)...

    Are there likely to be any repercussions from this if I change the ITA to say yes, and supply details??...

    Im so annoyed I missed that before submitting the EOI.. :(

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    Hi Howiesgirl

    As the offence occurred less than 5 years ago your partner may require a character waiver if immigration decide his charge comes under the following section of policy:

    convicted at any time during the last five years, of an offence (including a traffic offence), involving dangerous driving, driving having consumed excessive alcohol (including drunk driving and driving with a blood or breath alcohol content in excess of a specified limit) or driving having consumed drugs; or

    You must also explain why this charge was not declared in your EOI as immigration view withheld or undeclared information very seriously.

    All the best


    Sarah Coombes
    Licensed Immigration Adviser
    IAA 200900703

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    oh dear that sounds serious.

    Well I guess we need to add it to the amendment form... Having no insurance could be viewed as dangerous driving I guess, the actual charge was really bad luck tho. He renovates old VW campers and was moving one he'd just brought to the garage to get it off the road. He got stopped on the way and the old bill threw the book at him. I'm hoping that if we explain this it won't look so bad.

    As for not declaring it, we just plain missed the question. No excuse tho really...

    Thanks for your advice anyway, I appreciate you taking the time..

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    Default driving offence

    Hi Howsiegirl

    We have a similar thing

    My wife has a conviction for 'driving with undue care & attention and failing to report an accident'

    She bumped another car leaving a carpark and left without noticing and was subsequently convicted of the above offence

    As it was not covered as dangerous driving etc we did not mention it in the original EOI but altered our ITA to include it

    We have been asked to provide 'an anecdotal report' of the incident to verify no character waiver is required

    From this I seem to think that traffic offences do not rate to highly on their 'no list'

    I refer you to MBs report on drunk pilots!!


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    Hey Francis,

    Doesn't sound like its the end of the world then... We had heard on the radio that you don't need third party insurance in NZ and that theres been a campaign to try and get the law changed. I'm hoping therefore that it won't be viewed that badly!

    And we also need to read things a bit more thoroughly!

    Thanks for letting me know your experience anyway... :)

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