This is my first time to this site :-)

I need some advice regarding possible job position change from skilled employment to unskilled employment but SMC PR application is under processing.

What happen if your current employment is skilled e.g handling both basic IT and Account payable tasks and you have 2 year work permit and applied PR with this job position. But for some reason your employer wants you to only handle accounts payable tasks from now? According to INZ accounts payable is not skilled employment because it is not in Appendix 11 although it is a level 4 under ANZSO.

What will happen to current work permit and SMC PR application? Will my case offer just simply decline my PR application?

My wife is NZ PR so technically i can reapply under partnership but i don't want to unless no other choice.

I am not sure if anyone out there ever come accross with a similar situation but some kind of advice is greatly appreciated.

many thanks....