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Thread: Residence Visa approval notification ?? (Skilled Immigrant)

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    Default Residence Visa approval notification ?? (Skilled Immigrant)

    I am wondering what email or letter people are receiving about the approval of residence visa ? Is Residence visa same as Permanent Residency or they are different.

    I would like to know if everyone receives similar letter. Can anyone tell little about RRV ? During the first RRV, can I do multiple short out of country trips ?

    Thanks in advance.

    I just received my approval letter and part of it says:

    My decision on your application
    I am pleased to tell you that I have approved in principle your application for a New Zealand residence visa.

    When will I issue your residence visas?
    I will issue your residence visas when you have met the requirements set out in the following paragraphs.

    Issuing of visas
    Your visas will be issued into your passports in one week of receipt of the items requested above.

    Your residence permit
    You will be granted a residence permit when you arrive in New Zealand.

    Your residence permit allows you to live, work, and study in New Zealand. The permit expires if you leave New Zealand.

    You will also be issued with your first returning residentís visa so that you can be granted another residence permit if you leave New Zealand and return while the visa is still valid.

    Your first returning residentís visa will be valid for two years from the date of your initial residentís permit. After these first two years, you will need to apply for another returning residentís visa if you are planning to travel outside New Zealand in the future.

    We will send you a copy of Immigration New Zealandís Guide for Returning Residentís Visas (NZIS 1005) when we return your permit and passport. You can also find information about returning residentís visas on our website Immigration New Zealand.

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    Hi Miamikk and welcome.

    Quote Originally Posted by miamikk View Post
    Is Residence visa same as Permanent Residency or they are different.
    A residence visa and Permanent Residence (PR) are the same thing, more or less. You enter NZ with a residence visa which then becomes a residence permit when you go through immigration and it means you have the right to permanent residence.

    You can read about RRVs here. You can go in and out of NZ with your RRV but you can't stay out of NZ for longer than 2 years because your RRV will expire and you would lose your PR unless you could ask INZ to issue a further one. You need the RRV because, each time you leave NZ, your residence permit is cancelled. You need the RRV to get back into NZ and a new residence permit would be issued. If you had to renew your RRV it would probably be for a shorter period and it depends on your circumstances whether INZ would give you another one or not. With RRV, it is valid for 2 years and, during this time, you should be in NZ for at least 6 months in each of those 2 years. After this time you qualify for an Indefinite RRV which means you can come and go out of NZ whenever you like and for however long you like.
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    So officially I am a NZ resident from today? I will post a new thread to show my application process and time frames so others can get an idea specially if someone's case is similar to me.

    This site has been really helpful to me thought I never have asked any question to anyone. With so much information, I never really had to ask anything.

    I would like to thank everyone who had posted questions and everyone who has replied.


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    You have been approved in principle. It's not official until you finish all the requested paperwork, pay the Migrant Levy fee and send your passport in and get it back from immigration. I'm sending my passport and paperwork, and the fee tomorrow and should have it all back in a few days with the necessary documentation in my passport that indicates I am now a permanent resident (as a skilled migrant)
    Arrived in Auckland on August 6, 2008.Now live in Kawakawa with my kiwi partner.
    I just started working at Bay of Islands Hospital at the beginning of December 2009.
    Work permit renewed and good until June 2010
    EOI submitted and selected, case manager assigned and ITA received. PR application submitted 28/08/09
    approved in principle 26/01/10, PR granted and received 19/03/10

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