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    thanks motherbear,you are the only one to reply to my questions,so this one is for you.saw the invitation to apply guide and all that.with the english language ability,do we need to show proof although we were born in the UK,plus i have been here working for nearly a year and half now,and i have to get proof of my work experience so have to get in touch with my old company has gone bust and folded and i cant seem to get hold of them.what do i do there on that front and i know it said original letters but can a email from the company stating i worked there will suffice....thanks motherbear.trying to get my old employers to send a letter to NZ could take a while.i worked for 3 companies so 3 letters to come

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    For the language thing, just put something along the lines of 'Native English speaker'. I haven't seen the form so can't say what to put where, but you shouldn't need to prove it.

    For your old company, many people come across this problem as some have work experience going back 10-20 years. I guess the only way around it is if you have any documentation like an old contract, any correspondence between you and them, any old payslips etc. Other than that it would be a case of getting hold of anything you can. At least it will show you tried. You can't work miracles so just give dates you were there and any other info you can remember. Good luck with getting the other letters.
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