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Thread: Am i in the wrong direction afterall this? what can i do?

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    Default Am i in the wrong direction afterall this? what can i do?

    Hi everyone,

    Is has been like 5 months since i submitted my ITA. And my case office schedule an appointment with us for interview in Jan 2010. But i am confusing now. Basically i claimed the points through my IT degree from The States, and points for 4 years IT relevant work experience...and etc for a total of 110 points. and i have put all my focus on my IT degree and i forget about my Business Administration Degree that i have.

    Here is the situation. I found this clause in the application guide:

    "If you have current skilled employment in NZ or an offer of skilled employment in NZ, you will need to show that:

    your work experience is skilled, because it required, or enable you to gain, specialist, technical, or management skills and experience relevant to an occupation that is included in the lists of occupations held at Appendix 11 or Appendix 12 of the Operation Manual (refer to skilled employment i the summnary of terms for the lists of occupations at Appendix 11 and Appendix 12) "

    Currently i'm working in the hotel industry (hospitality) as the room attendent in housekeeping department. Room attendent is the ground job, skilled experience that i need to gain before i can move on further into any managerial position that listed in the appendix 11, which are hospitality, retail and service manager or hotel/ motel manager. It is the basic skill for all this position.
    And after recalculate my new points it goes up from 110 to 160 plus my partner's offer of employment and her diploma in Tourism

    What should i do now? Should i email my case officer and ask her to review my points and new situation?

    Any advice from you all will be appreciated.


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    Is your current work experience in the hospitality industry directly related to your degree in Business Administration? If it isn't, I don't think changing your ITA would make much difference. If it is, it might be best to speak to your CO to see whether they would accept the lower level of work experience as part of your claim for skilled work experience. It could be that they would expect you to be working at a higher level by now and that the work experience at the lower level would just be part of your previous work experience, which would be included because it was part of your earlier training.
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    Thank you mother bear...i see what you mean...thankss..

    maybe i just stay as what it is and see how's the interview goes then....


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    when is your interview ?? I have got the same kind interview

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