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Thread: ? To delay ita

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    Default ? To delay ita

    HI All

    Got a dillema.

    We received our ITA 7/9/09 which gives us until jan 10 to submit.

    My wife has just been diagnosed with high blood pressure and is over weight with a BMI of 39

    We are both on a weight loss program and amazingly it is predicted that she will be back to her normal weight (9 1/2st) [ from 15 1/2 st ] in 24 weeks! Don't worry it's a medically supervised diet without surgery

    To go to medical and explain the situation or postpone it and apply to NZ immigration for an extension in submission is the dillema

    Any thoughts?


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    In cases where weight is a problem, usually what happens with the medical is that extra tests need to be done. It's not an automatic ban, so you could really go ahead if you're prepared to fork out the money for the tests (to check for diabetes etc.). From what I've heard previously, INZ allow you 3 months after the medical to make inroads into losing weight, so I guess it's up to you if you want to delay or go ahead. Speaking to INZ might help you decide which is the better option. Hopefully, by Jan 2010, there would be a significant loss of weight showing (just watch out for Christmas ) which will help your case, especially if your wife can get her blood pressure under control.

    Good luck!
    Mother Bear

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    Default Cosultant report


    We have had medicals done and there have been no problems with general health ( weight was not an issue as we were both able to demonstrate considerable loss in the past month > I have lost 9kilos!!! )

    However a request has been made for psychiatric report from her NHS consultant as she does take antidepressants

    Has anyone else had to have this done and did it cause any issues?

    Is this the sort of condition one has to take a waifer for?

    Finally we have been told that it may take several weeks to supply a report. Our EOI was accepted on 26/8/09 and ITA received 07/09/09. Which date applies for the 4 month cut off?

    Over to you



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    I guess the date is on the cover letter sent with your ITA. It is perhaps 05 or 06/09/09 (plus 4 months).

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