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Thread: Darn police clearances ARGH!

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    Default Darn police clearances ARGH!

    Well long time since I posted anything. My last post was regarding my work permit, which was granted for 2 years (yippee!).
    Since then (May 25th), we have decided to go for residency- always good to have goals
    It was selected from the pool and was successful and yesterday we were sent our ITA. All very exciting until I read through the required documents and it is not like I dont know what to expect (thanks to the hassle of the work permit), its more the cost of everything....there goes my holiday to the states next year
    So here's my question:
    We submitted our police clearances from the UK (expired 1 month ago) with our permit application. I also had to wait 4 months for my South African police clearance (sat for 2 months unemployed,as a "tourist", staring at the post box). This expires next month 25th October. Will I have to go through it all again, or do you think if I query it, they will waiver my SA police clearance- I have not even back there in the last 4 years, so it is not like I could of committed a crime (not that im the type anyway).
    The Uk ones were easy to get and I dont mind doing it again...
    Also do we have to get a NZ police clearance, being that we have been living here for over 12 months now? If so, how do we go about this?
    I'm excited and not going to stress like I did with the work permit...Its hard not to... but there is only so much you can control and the rest is up to fate/ immigration officers
    So any advice would be fantastic please.

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    Hi, I suppose If you have submiited the PCC with In the last two years of submitting your ITA, then you dont have to resubmit it.

    New zealand PCC is not required , as they INZ takes care of it.

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    This tells you about the police certificates. It appears that you need to have a certificate that is less than 6 months old before you can submit it. Once you submit it, the clock stops ticking and you won't have to worry about it expiring unless your application process is taking a particularly long time to go through. I guess it wouldn't hurt to double-check with INZ about your situation. If you don't ask, you don't get and, if you don't get, at least you'll know where you stand . I have heard of people who have had to get new medical certificates and police certificates when the old ones had expired while they were waiting to apply for a different type of visa. I think, if you have a work permit and want to extend it, you may be able to use your old medical and police certificates if they are less than 24 months old but making a new application for a separate visa could well be a different matter.

    As Fastidea says, you don't need to worry about the NZ police certificate as that is taken care of.
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    Thank you Mother Bear and Fastieda!
    I have managed to get my South African Police clearance re-issued by the South African police. So for anyone who needs to know in the future- They will re-issue your PCC within four months of original issue date in South Africa and in the UK they can re-issue them within three months of original issue date.
    Unfortunately, we were a bit too late with our UK PCC's but they were the easier of the two to get, so now we'll just have to apply again.
    Now I'm busy gathering work experience references and certificates of service, wonder who, if any will reply? Thank you for answering my question.
    It is always good to get advice from people who are in a similar situation and I love reading the forum just for comfort to know I'm not alone with immigration stresses and questions!

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