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Thread: Drama, drama, drama...

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    Default Drama, drama, drama...

    Hi everyone,
    We're new to the forum. We submitted our ITA on 10th Aug and I have a job to go to in Christchurch which is very exciting. But the stress of this visa is just putting such a damper on any excitement I feel. My partner who im moving with is the same, it seems such a stressful process....checking your emails constantly- and never getting the chance to speak to anyone is really frustrating. Most the time I just want to know whats going on. We have actually been assigned a visa officer in the London office (although she's off sick at present!). So we are just waiting, trying hard to be patient but its very difficult as I imagine all of you know!

    How are you all coping with the sleepless nights and the stress? I keep trying to just not think about it, but you can't help it! Then you end up checking your emails for the 100th time again...


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    Hi Carly,

    I think many people will identify with your feelings at the moment. It's a pity that INZ aren't more accommodating about the tremendous stress that the immigration process puts on people and try to ease things a bit by keeping in touch more with applicants. I imagine it leaves a lot of people putting their lives on hold until a decision is made one way or another.

    Let's hope your case officer is back from sick leave soon and you can move forward again.

    Good luck!
    Mother Bear

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