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Thread: Job Offer...Not primary applicant

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    Smile Job Offer...Not primary applicant

    Hi, we submitted our ITA to the London Branch on 10th Aug, and just got a letter of confirmation in the post, but it says we will have to wait for 4 months until a case worker is assigned to us.

    I am the main applicant and dont have a job offer, but my partner does have a skilled job offer, surely we should be a priority and processed in the 3week - 3month time frame??

    We've emailed the department today....but does anybody know whether this is just a mistake, or does it have to be the primary applicant with a skilled job offer to get fast-tracked?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

    Bruce n Carly

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    Hi both, welcome to MTNZ.

    I suspect that, being the principal applicant, it would be your skills and your job offer (if you had one) that would speed things along because you are applying on the basis of your own skills. Your partner's job title would need to be on the Long Term Skill Shortage List and she? (not sure which of you is writing) would need to submit a PR application as principal applicant to be able to have any influence on the process.

    If there is a problem with needing to start work before the PR comes through, you could always consider the option of your partner applying for a temporary work permit to tide you over until PR is granted. This would permit the holder to work legally in NZ. You would also be able to apply for a work permit for yourself as a result of this, even though you don't currently have a job offer.
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    Default update...

    Just to give an answer to our own turns out that actually it is ok if either applicant gets a job offer, as long as it is skilled. We have been allocated a visa officer and are not having to wait for the three month queue delay for those without job offers. So good news!

    Only problem is...the visa officer we have been allocated is away on sick at present....will the drama ever end!!

    Well we shouldnt complain though, we are just thankful things are moving ahead.

    Thanks for the help Mother Bear

    Carly & Bruce

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