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    Hi All,

    My name is Glenn and I am from South Africa. My wife and I will be heading over to New Zealand shortly on a work permit. My wife is a social worker and got a job at one of the DHB's. We also submitted an EOI which was selected with 195 points and have received our ITA already. Some question popped up and I would like to ask if anyone can help answers these?

    1) Our original birth certificates do not state our parents details hence for the full birth certificates we are planning on providing originals of our 'birth certificates' as well as 'registration of birth' certificates. The birth certificates state our names and dates of birth while the registration of birth certificates have our date of birth, full names as well as both of our parents ID numbers. I will also provide certified copies of my parents ID's, drivers licenses...etc as further proof that they are in fact our parents and further proof of their ID numbers and full names. Will this suffice for the birth certificate needs? I know they would like a certificate stating my parents names but cross reference can be done with certified copies of our parents ID's as well as the details that appear on our 'registration of birth' certificates.

    2) My partner and I have applied for work visa's through the New Zealand High Commision in South Africa (Pretoria). We submitted x-ray certificates as well as the completed medical certificates. Our case officer had to send my wifes medical certificate to London for further assessment as she has type 1 diabetes. We still have +/- 1 month of validity left on these certificates. Can our case officer go ahead and have these sent over to London while we get the rest of our documents in order before sending them over toto our ITA case officer and have these assessed before the validity runs out on the medicals?

    3)I have one more question; our passports are with the High Commission of South Africa (Pretoria) for the processing of our work visa's. We are unable to have these certifed and sent to London or have the originals sent to London. How can we get around this? We have just about all our documents that are needed for the ITA but it does mention that we should not submit anything if we have not got all the documents and the passports being the ones we don't currently have. Does this matter and do you think we can make an arrangement with our ITA case officer in London bearing in mind our circumstances?

    Thank you kindly for any feedback you can give. It is much appreciated.



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    Welcome to the forum Glenn.

    A difficult few questions there. INZ would prefer you to send all your documents together so they have the full story and it is safer that way because it is all together and there is less risk of bits getting lost. There was a time when you could just send in what you had and forward the outstanding documents when you got them but, reading reports from people, that may have changed. Whether, due to your circumstances, INZ would agree to proceed with some items missing is probably something you would have to get their agreement on. I suspect the outcome may depend on who you are dealing with. Is there any chance the NZ High Commission can provide you with certified copies of your passports seeing as they hold them at the moment? It might be worth asking.

    Regarding the birth certificates you can apply for a full certificate which will show your parents' details but, as you're probably aware, this can take months. Other than that, I would include anything you can get your hands on that links your parents with your birth.

    I doubt this is much help to you but let's hope some folks from SA will look in and provide better information.
    Mother Bear

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    Thanks a stack MotherBear. We received a quick response from case officer who was kind enough to tell us that she can't confirm if this will be suffiecient but that she is going to accept it for lodgement purposes then take a look at our file and if she is happy then all is fine if not then we will have to get an 'unabridged certificate'. My wife and I are going to get these in the mean time anyway just to be ahead of the curve so to say.

    The NZ High Commission here in SA are going to be sending certified copies over to London for us so that solves that and as for the medicals our case officer said that as long as we lodge the ITA in time then the medicals will still be valid. From what she said I think this will still be the case even if she takes a look at it after the 3 month deadline.

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    Hi Glenn, nothing useful to add other than good luck!

    The high commission in Pretoria can be a nightmare! Dealing with London for PR is a walk in the park after that

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