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Thread: Can i leave NZ while ITA processing?

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    Default Can i leave NZ while ITA processing?

    Yes..I just received my ITA pack yesterday. But i am going back to my country in NOV cause my working holiday extension visa expired after that.

    I am wondering can i leave my ITA for processing while i am not in NZ? or i have to look for a working visa to stay and wait for my residency to approve.

    And what about my partner? cause she will be going back to her home country for a while cause her visa will be expired in Nov. Can she leave the country while our ITA under processing?

    Hope someone can help me here.

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    If you look at page 4 on here , near the top of the page, it says

    It is very important that you do not book any travel until your application has been finalised.

    I don't know how realistic this would be because this type of application can take some time to be finalised and people often do need to move around. Certainly, if you did move, you would need to notify INZ of your new address. That alone should prompt them into saying that you should not travel, if that really is the case. I can't find anywhere else where it says you can't travel abroad. I have heard about case files being transferred between foreign branches of INZ, but I'm not sure if this is obligatory when someone moves to another country.

    I hope someone will have knowledge of this procedure and can help out.
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