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Thread: Will keeping my US job be a problem for NZI?

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    Default Will keeping my US job be a problem for NZI?

    I'm a US citizen applying for permanent residency under the Skilled Migrant Category. I'm getting ready to send the application today, and am finishing the cover letter.

    I work from home, telecommuting via the Internet. My plan is to continue working for the same company when I am in NZ.

    I'm wondering if this will cause problems with my application. I have enough points (155) to not need a job offer, but I've heard that some applicants without job offers are required to find a job within 3 months of arrival. That would be horrible for me, since I already have a job that I love for a company to which I am loyal.

    I understand that the intent of the Skilled Migrant Category is to get people to move to NZ in order to help out NZ companies, correct? Or is the potential of us working for NZ companies (and sharing ideas with NZ professionals) enough? Eventually I might work for a NZ company, but right now I want to stick with my current job.

    Do you have any advice on what I should write in my cover letter to explain my situation?


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    This is what INZ says:

    A residence visa

    If you were issued a residence visa, you must still meet some requirements to ensure you remain a New Zealand resident.

    * If you claimed points for an offer of skilled employment, you must take that job up within three months of being granted your permit. You must also stay in that job for at least three months and provide us with evidence that you have met these requirements within seven months of being granted your first residence permit.
    * If you got points for already having a skilled job that you have held for less than three months, you must stay in the job until three months is up.

    From here.

    Doesn't much help with your situation though. I have heard of someone else moving to NZ from the US but still working for a US company whilst in NZ but she wasn't the principal application for PR. INZ does make the point that you are needed to contribute to the country so I wouldn't like to say how they would look on it that you intend working for a company based in the US. Had your company been thinking of relocating or you were setting up a branch in NZ, that would be a different matter. Having said that, it's generally thought that, once you have PR and there are no conditions attached to it e.g. you claimed points for a job offer, you can do more or less what you like. It depends whether INZ would monitor your activities for the first few months after arrival in NZ. They make mention of that in some of their pages but I wouldn't like to say it actually happens.
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    Mother Bear, thanks!

    I mailed my application yesterday. I included a few paragraphs in the cover letter explaining that I already have a job, but will start investigating local opportunities when I get there. My hope is that they will focus on my long-term potential (working for NZ companies) rather than my immediate plans (continuing my US job). I guess it's in the hands of the case officer at this point.

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