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    Default Proof of Employment

    Hi all,

    First time of posting a thread here. I submitted my EOI on 11 Feb 2009 and have been selected for nearly a week. Just wondering in regards to proving the relevant work experience, would it be enough to supply the job description & employment contract and details of monthly earning summary from the IRD web site as a proof that I worked with the previous company (as the summary of earnings would show all my gross income each month and PAYE deducted - in the sense, I would prove the length of my employment at the previous company). Or you think i still need my previous employer to write me a letter confirming starting & finishing date.

    Thanks for all your suggestions in advance

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    Hi Jaruphons and welcome.

    I think anything you can lay your hands on that links you to your previous company will help as long as it's official i.e. on company letterhead or similar. Quite a lot of people end up with having to prove they worked for companies that have since ceased trading so they have to make do with what they have as there is no way to get more evidence.
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    I have had similar problems, my ITA was submitted in November 2008 and as I am applying as a skilled migrant with work experience in an area of absolute skills shortage (diesel mechanic) I need to prove work experience. I have been employed by two companies in the last 10 years that no longer exist, I was asked by NZ Immigration to supply pay slips if possible, as these were from 6 years ago I no longer have them and so I had to write a Statutory Declaration explaining dates and job held and sign it in front of a solicitor, this covers one company and I know my Service Manager from the other and he wrote me a letter explaining my job title and the dates we both worked there.
    I hope this helps

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    A letter from the employer is recommended, because they can include your job title & possibly some of your duties. Merely working for a firm doesn't prove experience in a certain capacity (e.g. janitors work for a hospital as do physicians). But if you can't get that older employer letter or detail, give them what you have and hope for the best.
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