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Thread: Qualifications - Confused about F4, F5, F6

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    Default Qualifications - Confused about F4, F5, F6

    I am claiming points for 2 degrees:

    - Master of Computer Science
    - Bachelor of Computer Science

    I found both degrees' schools in the list of schools provided by the EOI.

    For the EOI, I left the following questions blank:

    F4: Has your qualification been assessed by the NZQA?
    F5: What is the reference #, type, and level assessed by the NZQA?
    F6: What NZ qualification was your qualification as being comparable to?

    My understanding was that I should only fill those questions out if someone personally investigated my specific qualifications and made an assessment, which would only happen if my degrees and school were NOT found in the lists when I filled out the EOI.

    Was I correct in leaving those questions blank?

    Should I continue to leave them blank for the application itself?

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    I have it in mind that you can only claim for one degree, but I'm sure someone will correct me if I've got it wrong. I would tend to opt for the qualification that most ties in with your work experience and, therefore, will give you a stronger application.

    If your degree is on the list of recognised qualifications you shouldn't need to have it assessed unless you are in the teaching profession, I believe.
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    I called NZ immigration on the phone and was told that as long as a qualification already appears in their list of recognized qualifications, then we don't need to get an individual NZQA assessment, and can ignore those questions.

    They also told me that if our EOI was accepted without them making corrections, then we should assume that the same answers (and points) will be accepted for the application itself.

    So if we were allowed to have questions like F4, F5, and F6 blank in the EOI, then we should leave them blank for the application...

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    Default Qualification Pre-assessment


    I would like to ask you a bout the EOI(Recognized Qualification)...I made a Pre-assessment Results (PAR) of my Qualification and NZQA give me a level 7...but I am really don't know they need International Qualification Assessment (IQA) Application instead of the Pre-assessment Result (PAR) or not....please if you have any info. about this please share it with me.Thanks Note: I am Computer Engineering too


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