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Thread: A19 - Industry - Not sure how to answer!

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    Default A19 - Industry - Not sure how to answer!

    I'm a US citizen applying for PR in the Skilled Migrant Category.

    I'm a computer programmer, and have worked for companies that do lots of things (military, education, etc.). I currently work for an online resume/CV writing company. I don't actually write any resumes, but I do write the software that is used by the other employees.

    Question A18 ("what is your main occupation?") had an easy answer: "261399 Software and Applications Programmers nec", although I'm not sure what the "nec" means.

    Question A19 ("what industry is your main job in") is much harder to answer. I work for resume/CV writers, rather than other computer programmers, so for my EOI I selected the closest thing to resume writing, which seemed to be "L786100 Employment Placement Services". I'm not happy with that answer, but I couldn't find a better one at the time.

    Now that I am filling out the application itself, I feel like I have an opportunity to answer that question more accurately. However, I'm still not sure what to select as my industry.

    - something related to resume writing (the reason the company exists)
    - something related to online services (the way the company does business)
    - something related to computer programming (what I do)

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks a bunch!


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    I called NZ immigration yesterday and was told that when in doubt, I should keep my answer the same as in the EOI (which means leaving my work's industry set to: "L786100 Employment Placement Services").

    However, she said I should also include a cover letter which explains why my choice of industry (resume writing) isn't directly related to my occupation (computer programming). She also said I might want to mention the other industries in which I've worked.

    The cover letter seems to be the place to justify our "fuzzier" answers.

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