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Thread: It took me 9 months to get AIP

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    Default It took me 9 months to get AIP

    Hi there.

    I'm from South Korea. I have been visiting this forum from time to time.
    I came to NZ last February and found out that I could get bonus point from my masters degree. So I started with internet EOI and here I am - I got Approval in Principal on 22nd December!! It was really hard to wait and wait. However, I enjoyed Auckland with my daughter. Some say I am quite lucky, but as you might guess, waiting has been a hard mission.

    In my case, my ITA letter had a note that I could expect up to 6 month to see the result after I lodge my documents, so I complained about this when I was expecting a delay in December. My case officer seemed to have been very busy to finalise my application. Anyway, my strategy to say what I need to say seemed quite successful. My AIP letter arrived on the day after Christmas.

    I got ITA letter just after my EOI was selected. I don't remember the exact date of EOI selection dand ITA receiving but anyway they are only a day apart. hope my information will help you a lot... Good luck with all the still waiting fellas!!!

    125 points - no job offer
    EOI submitted 2nd March 08
    EOI selected 18th March 08 - not sure
    ITA received 19th March 08 - not sure
    Application submitted 21st April 08
    Face-to-Face Interview 16th Nov 08
    AIP 22nd Dec 08

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    It really hard to believe that you received your ITA , one day after your Eoi was selected. Well done. Nz immigration seems to be working really hard now.

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