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Thread: Births during application process

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    Default Births during application process

    I've submitted my EOI for PR with a baby on the way. In addition, I plan to have another baby soon afterwards (aiming for a year after the 1st).

    This brings up some questions:

    1) Is it relative easy to add newborns during the application process?

    2) Does adding newborns decrease the chances of getting in?

    3) Should I inform INZ about each newborn immediately, or only after I get a passport for the newborn?

    4) How long does it usually take to get a passport for a baby (in the US)?

    Also, out of curiosity (and beyond the scope of the application chat):

    5) If we move to NZ before having the 2nd baby, would the baby be a US or NZ citizen?

    6) Is it cheaper to have a baby in NZ than the US?



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    Okay, the baby is here, so I need to decide when and how to notify INZ.

    I don't have the birth certificate yet, so I don't know the SSN. As soon as I get the SSN I will apply for the passport, which should take 2-3 weeks.

    The EOI questionnaire didn't allow me to enter newborn baby info w/o a passport. Does this mean I should wait until I have the baby's passport (or at least the SSN) be notifying INZ?

    Also, what is the best way for me to contact INZ to let them know that I want to add a baby to the application?


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