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Thread: Medicals-liver tests

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    Unhappy Medicals-liver tests

    Hey all,

    My partner did his medicals for the NZ Residency and his blood tests returned with high AST/ALT levels. Everything else is normal. He was asked to do another blood test to negate Hepatitis and it turned out negative. He was then asked to do an UltraSound scan and it turned out he has fatty Liver. The gastroenterologist said it is attributed to his reduntary lifestyle sitting in front of the computer working 70 hrs a week with barely any exercise at all. The ultrasound also spoke about a small lesion in the liver which was not very clear. The Gastro said that we need not further investigate it unless the Immigration wanted to. Since we needed a new work permit also, we'd sent the same medicals for it, and his case officer has come back saying his reports have been sent to a medical assesor. He has now joined a gym and is working out very vigourously. He has never had any medical history whatsoever. He doesn't drink or smoke either. We have landed our dream jobs in Wellington and don't want this medicals thingy to spoil anything now...We are extremely worried... Since we didn't have any medical insurance, we have had to spend out of our pockets for everything.. We were planning on our wedding once the PR is all sorted.. Now, nothing else is on our minds other than the medicals...Has anyone gone through this before? Any advice? Please pray for us :(

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    A few previous posts about liver problems here, here and here.

    Hope someone can put your minds at rest. Good luck.
    Mother Bear

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    Default Thank you

    Thanks for the links MotherBear..Really hoping that it all ends well..We couldn't even go to visit our family for Christmas as the Work Visa is in a medical assessment stage and we can't leave New Zealand. He has got an interim permit of 2 months but that effectively gives only 28 days to work after the christmas and New Year holidays. Keeping our fingers crossed :X

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