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Thread: about medical ( please help me!!)

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    Question about medical ( please help me!!)

    I am Emi from japan and am applying for residency. I hav a undergoing problem now,,,

    I have abnormal results liver function test in Aug, AST and ALT are too high ( under 40 is normal, my ALT and AST are more than 100)
    Then Im doing more test and test,,, Scan was OK, but liver function test is still abnormal. MY GP DR said, Its pretty sure autoimmune,not sure if it is SLE.

    Anyone knows that is big big problem to apply PR if I have?

    I have read on appendix 10 but I didnt really understand my disease could be include or not.

    and anyone can recommend good GP around Auckland? Im live in new windsor.

    I had received invitation letter from immigration in middle of Aug. so, I have to send my application until middle of Dec.

    has anyone had similar problem and did it cause prpblem with immigraion?
    regards, emi

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    Hi My husband had high Liver counts when we had our blood tests. He was asked to repeat and it was still high. He has now been told he has to see a specialtist- so presuming they will do a scan. He isn't seeing specialist until early December so will have to see what happens.

    Immigration are obviously big on liver problems as I have known people get into NZ with Diabetes etc.
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    To give you something to dig through, here's a list of medical complaints deemed to be a problem.

    Appendix 10: Medical conditions deemed to impose significant costs and/or demands on New Zealandís health and/or education services

    HIV infection
    Hepatitis B surface antigen positive, with abnormal liver function
    Hepatitis C, RNA positive, with abnormal liver function
    Malignancies of solid organs and haematopoietic tissue, including past history of, or currently under treatment
    Exceptions are:
    a) treated minor skin malignancies (not melanoma)
    b) malignancies where the interval since treatment is such that the probability of cure is > 90%, e.g.: early stage (I & IIA) breast cancer at 5 years; low risk prostate cancer at 5 years; early stage (Dukes A & B1) colorectal cancer at 5 years; childhood leukaemia at 5 years
    Solid organ transplants, excluding corneal grafts more than 6 months old
    Chronic renal failure or progressive renal disorders
    Diseases or disorders such as osteoarthritis with a high probability of arthroplasty in the next four years
    Central Nervous System disease, including motor neurone disease, complex partial seizures, poorly controlled epilepsy, prion disease, Alzheimerís and other dementia, and including paraplegia and quadriplegia
    Cardiac disease including ischaemic heart disease, cardiomyopathy or valve disease requiring surgical and/or other procedural intervention
    Chronic obstructive respiratory disease with limited exercise tolerance and requiring oxygen
    Genetic or congenital disorders: muscular dystrophies, cystic fibrosis, thalassaemia major, sickle cell anaemia if more than one sickle crisis in 4 years, severe haemophilia, and severe primary immunodeficiencies
    Severe autoimmune disease, currently being treated with immuno-suppressants other than prednisone
    In a person up to the age of 21 years, a severe (71-90 decibels) hearing loss or profound bilateral sensori-neural hearing loss
    In a person up to the age of 21 years, a severe vision impairment with visual acuity of 6/36 or beyond after best possible correction, or a loss restricting the field of vision to 15-20 degrees
    In a person up to the age of 21 years, a severe physical disability, where they are unable to stand and walk without support, and cannot independently dress, eat, hold a cup, or maintain their stability when sitting.

    And those who can apply for a waiver.

    A4.70 Applicants who may be considered for a waiver (01/04/2004)
    See A4 Effective 28/11/2005
    See A4.70 Effective 26/07/1999

    a. Applicants other than those in A4.60 and A4.60.1 may be considered for a medical waiver. Visa and immigration officers must consider the circumstances surrounding the application to decide whether they are compelling enough to justify making an exception to the acceptable standard of health requirement (see H2).
    b. Factors that officers may take into account in making their decision include but are not limited to the following:
    i. the objectives of the relevant residence policy or category, and whether New Zealand has sufficient resources, and
    ii. the degree to which the applicant would be a burden on New Zealand health services, and
    iii. whether the applicant has a spouse or partner who is a New Zealand citizen or resident, and
    iv. whether the applicant has immediate family lawfully and permanently* (see F4.1.1) resident in New Zealand, and
    v. whether the applicant's potential contribution to New Zealand will be significant, and
    vi. the applicant meets all other requirements of the Humanitarian category (see H2).

    Those who can't apply for a waiver.

    A4.60 Applicants who will not be granted a waiver (13/12/2001)
    See A4 Effective 28/11/2005
    See A4.60 Effective 26/07/1999

    Applicants will not be granted a medical waiver if:
    a. they require dialysis treatment, or a consultant physician has indicated that they will require such treatment in the immediate future; or
    b. they have active tuberculosis (see A4.60.1 below); or
    c. they have a mental disorder or intellectual disability that has needed care in a hospital or supervised residence for more than 90 days in the last 2 years; or
    d. they have a physical incapacity that requires full-time care.
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    dear ebianca

    sorry for your hubby. hope everything ok and will be fine. does he have abnormal result as i have? how was the result of AST and ALT?

    my DR told me to go to liver specialist and do more test. using needle to get liver cell then check.
    Im afraid of this.

    but i hav 1 question. I guess I need more time to solve, but I have limit of time(1 month left for me). Do you think immigration can wait for solution? or my application will be refused this time?

    thank you for your help. regards emi

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    dear mother bear

    thank you for your comments and help.
    I still dont understand that my sick will be include or not. my Dr even doesnt know name of a disease coz still undergoing.

    but i should bring appendix 10 and A4 60 to my Dr and ask her.

    thank you! regards emi

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