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Thread: I've decided to abandon my ITA

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    Default I've decided to abandon my ITA

    Acceptance had become a mere formality, but after much thought we have decided to stay in the United States. More or less, it comes down to the economy. We just aren't confident enough that NZ can survive well enough in the next few years. My best guess is that Japan and Germany will be the best off, followed by some of the Scandinavian countries, and then the US. You can see this in the fact that despite the sheer stupidity of it all, many of the world's largest economies are killing themselves to prop up the US$.

    But that is not why I came back to post this message. I want to thank everyone on this forum. I was a lurker for a long time (don't let my post count fool you). I have learned a lot about myself by reading this forum, filling out immigration paperwork, and really giving it all a lot of thought. This introspection has lead to some positive changes in my outlook and goals in life. We are even more prosperous than we were before, are now 100% debt free, and are thoroughly prepared to deal with almost anything that can come our way.

    So take care everyone. And I wish all of you the best of luck in your endeavors.

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    Hey SailingFan,

    Thanks for your insightful post. It seems you have made the decision that best suits you and I congratulate you for that, it would have been easy to get carried away with it all and end up coming here when you truly didn't feel it was the right decision, and end up regretting it.

    All the best to you for your future in the USA - stick around anyway and let us know how you're going

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    Our well-made plans don't always come to fruition but, at least, if we learn something along the way, it hasn't all been a waste of time and energy. And you sound like you have had a good experience from this and come out of it for the better.

    Good luck to you for the future and thanks for being part of this forum.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    There is a lot of soul searching that goes on in the process. You tend to look at really what you want in the future and what is important. For each person these questions and answers are different.

    Best of luck.



    Nelson, New Zealand
    NZ Citizenship in 2000, been in NZ 15 years now
    Arrived NZ in 1997 from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

    "New Zealand isn't just a physical place it is a state of mind."

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    Good luck to you sailingfan...
    Oh, the new world order will be in effect soon and this crisis will still linger in the power of money, not speaking of you sailingfan, but the talk of financial disaster is everywhere.
    the 1980's may be here again for NZ, and the 1930's for the USA.... I ask myself with the gained population amount...what country do I want to be in if this happens?
    People do stick together in a crisis, I believe it!

    I figure that Russia will be in the news more often when USA Inc. appoints its new guess is Obama/Mr.Biden( Obama somehow is connected to the 13 bloodlines), I just hope Obama hires the black panthers for protection, I would dislike to see a president get killed but history may repeat itself. On the upside down, Mr. Keys for NZ takes over, what happens then I dont know for NZ?...thats my guess to all this madness, and it will continue on and on.

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