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Thread: Do you think I'll get my NZ residency as my employer Screwed up?

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    Lightbulb Do you think I'll get my NZ residency as my employer Screwed up?

    Hi, I got a situation. I applied for SMC residency last Nov 2007 and my point was 210. I availed 50 point for job offer and worked in New Zealand last 16 months and currently holding working visa with an endorsement of my employerís company and it will expire mid of april, 2009. by profession I am a computer programmer.(.net w/SQL)

    I was asked by NZIS to provide company's sustainability for example, annual report or financial report prepared by chattered accountant. Now my employer does not want to produce one as itís a matter of time and cost and more on he is telling me, he could not make enough profit from the business and suggesting me look for other job coz he can not afford to pay me on regular basis. He also said, I could work for him casually, payment will be done hourly basis.(no of hours Iíll spent for development or maintenance). He can not survive w/o me coz I am maintenance all the systems. Thatís why he offers me to work for me casually.

    Mean time I have applied for other company and they said they will contact with me at mid of January 2009. Between Oct Ė Dec basically no one does any recruitment.

    I feel I Should inform to my case officer in this regards, right? I can not survice here in NZ longer with out job and can not got for any kinda job due to my visa status. I am totally financially broken. If out of cash I do not know what gonna happen to me and my child after 2 weeks. My husbands income is not enought to shoulder all the expences.

    Now my question is: how immigration will decide my application: Company's sustainability or my Capability/eligibility. I could feel my experience and expertise is still employable in NZ market. Recruiter does show interest and some time turn me down due to my visa status.

    Even immigration adjusts my point; I feel I am still eligible to get the residency. Please correct me or suggest me if my thoughtís are right or wrong.
    I do have all my pay slips and supporting docs. he did provide time to time to me and immigration as well.

    Is they any way, I could go and get free legal advice in this issue. I am located in Hamilton City.

    Any one could tell me what would be end result of my case please.
    Pry ann

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    Hi Pryann,

    If you are currently working on a Work Permit and could find another job, you could apply for a Variation of Conditions on the permit, as long as your new job is in the same field. At least then you would have some security if you could find a better job. I know employers tend not to recruit people near the Christmas/New Year period but there should still be time for you to try to get a new job for a few more weeks. Just because one company doesn't want to recruit at the moment, it doesn't mean that other companies will be the same. Try some other ones.

    It sounds like your current employer just wants to pick you up and drop you again when it suits him. This is not good and it certainly would not be good for you to work casually for him because your permit dictates that you should be in full time work to qualify for points on your EOI.

    If you would like to contact your case officer about this, you could confirm which would be the best way to go.
    Mother Bear

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