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Thread: Is my degree related to job offer?

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    Default Is my degree related to job offer?

    Me again! I've just been sent my Invitation to Apply (haven't received it yet though), and of course am very excited, but am now starting to worry about something. I have 50 points for my qualification but it is not directly related to my work experience or current NZ job. My degree is a BSc in Ecology and I am working as a microbiology lab technician. How can I find out if my degree will be accepted before I spend all that money on my application? Or are your points not important after you have been selected?


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    Can't remember if it was just the short-skills listed jobs, but on NZIS there should be a list of jobs, and tabulated with them are the qualifications required ...

    If you are not claiming points for a short-skills job, not sure that you need to prove that your degree is related?

    My experience might help -
    I claimed points for my degree being in a field of short skills - Electronics.

    My job, and experience though is software engineer, and claimed points for the experience only. According to NZIS, you can't be a software engineer with my degree, so I had to drop about 10 points. Was a little while ago, so can't fully remember the details.

    I'm sure the fountain of all knowledge (MB - where are you?) will be along soon to help .....

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    Quote Originally Posted by zummerzet_lou View Post

    I'm sure the fountain of all knowledge (MB - where are you?)
    I'm a bit tied up packing up our house ready for a move (whenever hubster finds another job in another country - he's in negotiations) and also busy watching our Icelandic bank crashing into the ground with our money locked inside it.
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