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Thread: Need URGENT HELP and ADVICE about PR

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    Default Need URGENT HELP and ADVICE about PR

    I am writing to this forum about my PR(Skilled Migration). I am working as a web programmer in a small scale company in Hamilton for the last 17 months while my residency application is in progress. I could feel my company's financial condition is not good. I might loose my job any time. Do you think it could affect my residency. if yes, what is the other possible way to solve the issue? by the, I have submitted my PR application last November 2007.
    Need a wise advice.

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    If you are currently on a Work Permit while your PR application is going through, if you need to change jobs, as long as you get another job using the same skills as your current one, you can apply for a Variation of Conditions on your WP. INZ will probably change the name of your current employer for the new one on your permit.
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    It should affect your PR as when we went through the skilled migrant route we hadnt yet been approved yet my husband was actuaolly leaving his job and we were going travelling.

    We didnt notify NZIS as it doesnt say you have to. I think the only way it will affect PR is if you're getting sponsorship.

    Good luck!

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