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Thread: Timescale (again!)

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    Default Timescale (again!)

    I know this is a common question but I couldn't see an answer relevent to my situation. I have 150 points and current skilled employment in New Zealand. Can anyone give me an approximate time scale from submitting my ITA and achieving residence? Or will this vary depending on the workload of the particular office?

    Also, if I have submitted a medical certificate and X-ray with my work permit less than three months ago. Will I be able to use these results for my ITA or will I need to get the medical done again?

    Any help will be much appreciated.

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    Hi Becksly,

    With 150 points you should have automatic selection if everything checks out OK with INZ. However, as you say, it depends on how busy the branch you are dealing with is at the time. In NZ, particularly, I think it's busier than branches outside the country.

    You should be able to use your medical and police certificates again if they are less than 3 months old. The medical certificate only has a life of 3 months and the police one has 6 months.
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    As MB says as long as Medical/Police certificates are within the deadlines then immigration should use them for the PR application aswell.

    If you have 150 points and a job then things should move pretty quickly and obviously there are no probs with medicals etc if you already have work permit.,

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