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Thread: What an Idiot Am I

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    Default What an Idiot Am I

    So much for being detail-oriented.

    Several months ago, a post in the forum alerted me to the fact that we had only 12 months to activate our residence visas - I had thought 24. So we adjusted our plans by a couple of months, and I thought we were fine.

    Well, now it appears not so. Rather than going over to stay, like normal emigrants, we planned on going over for a few weeks so we could look for jobs and get a sense of whether we could really pull this off. Yesterday, with about 24 hours to go before our flight, I kicked back and read our "Return" brochure which came with our acceptance package. It seems that we will not qualify for a Returning Resident's Visa if we follow our plan.

    If my OH, the primary applicant, were to immediately find a job and stick around, we could do it. But that's not likely. Neither is suddenly getting a cool million to invest in the country. Sigh.

    There might be a loophole I'm not seeing, but that's not very likely. Oh well, we were sitting on the fence on this decision anyway, and now our decision has been pretty much made for us. We'll have a couple more years before she turns 54, so it's possible we'll do this all over again. Hopefully without the screw-ups

    We plan on having fun while we're there anyway.

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    Hi Selchie,

    "It seems that we will not qualify for a Returning Resident's Visa if we follow our plan. "

    This is alarming because our plans are very similar to yours. I thought anybody who lands as PR automatically gets 2-year RRV. I'll so much appreciate your explaining what you read in the brochure so that we can prepare accordingly.



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    What a shocker! I'm sure I've heard of people going to NZ specifically to activate their PR, then leaving again. I think you just need to be in NZ for 6 months of each of the first 2 years, so, if Karin can get a job, you would have 6 months after activation before you needed to return to NZ. That's the way I see it anyway, although I did think you could stay out for longer, providing you renewed your RRVs before they expired. Perhaps INZ has tightened up the rules recently.

    I was looking on here the other week to see how we stand if hubster wants to go on working a year or two after we (hopefully) are granted PR. Reading through it, it looks like the only thing we might have in our favour to get a further RRV is that we have a house and family there. I hope someone can throw some light on this for you.
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    I am confused not hard I you say I thought you had to activate your PR within 12 months of it being granted. You could then leave NZ and return on your RRV. As long as you spent at least 6 months of the first 2 years in NZ you got IRRV.
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    You automatically get a 2 year RRV Selchie, activated when you first arrive in NZ. You dont qualify for an automatic renewal if you dont spend at least 6 months a year in the following 2 years in NZ, but all that happens is you need to do that in the subsequent 2 years.

    Check your passport, there should be 2 blue stickers. One grants you permanent residency and is your actual residence permit and the other is your returning residents visa.

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