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    Default ITA submission advice

    Hi all

    I finally received my ITA on Friday last! W00t!

    The problem I have found is that, although my EOI was selected without a job offer, they seem to require one now. It says that if you don't have a job offer, you will be subject to an interview, and if the interview is successful, you will only be granted a work permit after 9 months! Is this true? My problem is that as teacher I'll have to wait till end September to apply for jobs, as that is the time they start advertising for jobs in the new year. That isn't really a problem as I have until mid November to submit my ITA. The only worry is that I would like to try and get my residency going before then so that I am assured of getting my permit.

    What would anyone suggest?

    My other issue is the fact that they mention somewhere in the document that you must have enought personal assets to support your family for 24 months, now if my calculations are correct, that means I have to have close to $120000 in my bank account before arriving, which I won't have near to. Does this stipulation only apply to those people without a job? or is it a blanket requirement?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RisenAshes View Post
    It says that if you don't have a job offer, you will be subject to an interview, and if the interview is successful, you will only be granted a work permit after 9 months!
    I think this should read FOR 9 months. It's to allow you time to get to NZ, find a job and settle down. It's one of the conditions of the Work to Residence Visa which they often dole out to those without job offers or whom they aren't 100% sure will settle well. Once you've got your job and things are under way, you should be able to apply for PR.

    A work to residence visa or permit
    If you have been offered a work to residence visa or permit instead of a residence visa or permit, there are certain things you have to do.

    Within three months of the offer, you must return your application form for the work to residence visa or permit.
    During the visa or permit application, you must show us that you are able to support yourself and your family for at least the first three months in New Zealand. This means NZ$1000 per person for each month, or NZ$400 per person each month if your accommodation has been paid for.
    You will also have to show that you have the money available to purchase tickets to your home country for you and your family should you have to leave New Zealand.

    If you are out of New Zealand, you will get a work to residence visa which will allow you to travel to New Zealand within three months. On arrival, or if you are already in New Zealand, you will be granted a nine-month work permit.

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