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Thread: current timescales from ITA to PR / WTR?

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    Question current timescales from ITA to PR / WTR?

    Hello all, I'm a newbie round here

    Wondering if anybody knows how long it's taking to get PR / WTR at the moment after submitting your ITA?

    We head it through the grapevine that applications are being processed very quickly, in fact we know a couple who had their interview 16 days after submitting their ITA, and got WTR 2 weeks after that, that's only a month!! Is that a record?! They had 120 points and no job offer.

    Anyway, the problem is that this made us get our hopes up (we only have 110 points and assumed we were in for a long wait), so we're getting a bit impatient as we submitted 24 days ago today and haven't heard anything further

    Is anyone in a similar situation? Please someone give me some hope, do you think our CO has done a runner and gone home for an extended holiday, the suspense is killing me!!!

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    Hi Waterlily and

    Which country are you in? Processing times can vary considerably from one branch to another, one country to another and how many applications they have at any given time. If you're in the UK these are the processing times for London branch, not that it's of any help because it says ITAs are taking between 3 weeks and 3 months to go through. Very helpful .
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    Hello MotherBear, thanks for the welcome

    Yes, we are in the UK, sorry I should've specified! Thanks for the link to the website, I already have it saved under my favourites and check it on a daily basis in case there's anything new!

    You're right, it's not particularly helpful, that's why I thought I would post a question here, as nobody knows better than the people who are actually going through the same process!

    Anybody? Please? We just want to go NOW! We don't have a house, kids, pets or much else to worry about (sold pretty much all our possessions in 2005 and went travelling instead), so we are pretty much ready to go, it's only the guys in London keeping us here, it's difficult to be patient!

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