I've got right through to the very last stage of the migration process and am just waiting for visa's but yesterday had a bombshell.....

Before submitting my EOI I sought clarification that I did not need to get a NZQA assessment as I am fully registered with New Zealand Anaesthetic Society (NZATS), without which I am unable to gain employment in NZ, I got the following reply:
Dear Tim

Thank you for taking advantage of our Online Help facility.

If you gain full registration in New Zealand then the registering body is considered to have accepted that your qualification is at an appropriate level and you would not need to get your qualification assessed by the NZQA.

Kind Regards,

Customer Service Officer
Department of Labour

Now I'm being told that my application is being halted as NZATS are not recognised as being a legal requirement in NZ. Has anyone please got any suggestions how to get round this problem (without NZQA).

Many Thanks,