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Thread: Has anybody applied for a Medical Waiver?

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    Default Has anybody applied for a Medical Waiver?

    Sent in our ITA in March 08, received an email last month from CO, stating that MA has concerns about my weight; we had a month to send in paper to back up that I have no other medical problems. Sending in paperwork in on Monday, letter from GP stating that apart from my weight I am in good health, letter from Gym with breakdown of visits, letter from Personal Trainer, letter from Employer with number of sick days in the last three years and finally letter from Weight Watchers. Keeping everything crossed.

    If we have to apply for a Medical Waiver, would I be able to get medical insurance out in NZ.


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    Hi Karen and .

    I would hope that you could get away with not having to apply for a waiver if they accept you have no other health problems, but what they might do is ask you to take some further tests e.g. for diabetes. Being a bit overweight doesn't necessarily ban you from getting into NZ although it can cause problems if you do have other health issues.

    I wouldn't like to say whether applying for a medical waiver would damage any chance of you getting medical insurance as it is probably up to each individual company. I don't know whether that information would even crop up if you applied for insurance. You may have to declare previous medical problems, but I can't see them asking if you've come into NZ with the help of a waiver.

    Fingers crossed that you don't need a waiver in the first place. Please keep us posted.
    Mother Bear

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    Mother Bid thanks for advice

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