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Thread: how long did it take?

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    Default how long did it take?

    Sorry - another question about timescales ...

    If you had no job offer, how long did it take from being assigned a case officer, to having your Residency Visa? We're hoping to get our case officer either this week or next!!

    I'm just trying to guage our next "wait" as we need to decide now whether to camp out an our in-laws for a few weeks, or whether we should be finding somewhere to rent for a few months?


    EOI Submitted 8th July 2007, 140 points no job offer.
    EOI Selected 18th July 2007
    ITA pack received 12th Oct 2007
    Completed ITA posted to NZIS 26th November 2007
    Case Officer assigned approx 22nd Feb 2008
    Immigration interview 7th May 2008
    PR AIP 10th May 2008
    Arrived in NZ, August 13th

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    Hi Lou,

    It's always difficult to know what to do for the best isn't it...whichever option you chose the wait is aways going to be shorter/longer than you expected

    I can't remember when we exactly got allocated our case officer but we had no job offers and I think the first we heard from our case officer was when he phoned my OH at work to arrange a phone interview. Timescale as follows:

    EOI submitted: 03/09/06
    EOI selected from pool: End of Sept
    ITA received: 03/11/06
    ITA submitted: 23/02/07
    Phone interview: 23/05/07
    Residence visa AIP: 06/06/07

    I can't check letter correspondence as i don't have it to hand but just checked e-mails and there's one on the 17th May 2007 confirming the date agreed for phone interview (so he had either phoned John that day or the day before to arrange it). On that e-mail he opens by saying "my name is xxxx, and I'm your allocated case officer"

    Oh and once we had our confirmation of approval in principle we then renewed our passports before getting the stickers so not sure how quickly you can get it turned round. When we did send the passports and levy off we sent them off special delivery 18th July 07, the visa issue date is the 1st August 07. Can't remember when exactly we got them back but don't think it was long after the date of issue.

    Hope this helps,

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    I Lou,
    I think things becomes faster if you have a job offer , With no job offer it takes times , but depends on case to case :

    I am also in somewhat similar situation like you, i have an exp in absolute skill shortage area , and have submitted my ITA which includes my wife ( calimed points for her education ) and my story is like this:
    EOI submitted: 026/Sep/07
    EOI selected from pool: 10/Oct/2007
    ITA received: 11/Nov/07
    ITA submitted: 22/Nov/07


    I am still waiting for a correspondence from nzis.
    Hopefully , i must be allocated a CO by Mid March.

    Well also depends at which branch you have applied for and the SMC application work load there.

    If anyone has more inputs please reply .

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    thanks Damy .. our ITA was received by NZIS on 26th Nov, so guessing we should hear about the same time?

    Ours has gone to London branch, and according to their website, they are allocating ITAs to case officers for ITAs received up to 15th Nov last week so we should hear any day now ...

    ETA: Sorry - done it again, posted under hubbys account! Tis too early in the morning!! Lou
    Landed in NZ, 13th August 2008


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    Default Hi


    Not Sure whether i am correct but as far as i heard Ur application will be alloacted to CO within 3 months of ur ITA Submission. But it does'nt mean that they started working on it. mine i have submitted ITA on nov 8th and they said mine has been allocated to CO last week but not heard anything yet.


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    We had a glitch which stalled us, but after that was straightened out and we had the interview, we were granted residency within about a month. Since then, we're the ones drawing it out.
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