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Thread: medical waiver anyone?

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    Red face medical waiver anyone?

    just a quickie. My hubby's medical has been declined due to a high BMI, and the case has ben referred to a second Dr, after failing the first appeal Although we gave a report from a Consultant Endocrinologist to support our case, they have declined this, and are more than likely to decline the second and final appeal This means that we will be probably be relying on a waiver.
    How common is it for waivers to be granted- we have said all along that we would be happy to pay for any medical charges incurred in NZ for my hubby, as we are ok financially I have read on another site that they are normally given, but after so many set- backs, we don't want to count our chickens...
    Job offer 21/06/07,EOI submitted 28/06/2007, EOI selected 04/07/2007, EOI successful 24/7/07, nurse registration arrived 24/7/07, medicals 24/7/07, ITA submitted and offer accepted on the house 24/08/07 Hubby failed medical, therefore had to let house offer go still fighting!

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    Hi Ali,

    Read on:

    A4.60 Applicants who will not be granted a waiver (13/12/2001)
    See A4 Effective 28/11/2005
    See A4.60 Effective 26/07/1999

    Applicants will not be granted a medical waiver if:

    they require dialysis treatment, or a consultant physician has indicated that they will require such treatment in the immediate future; or
    they have active tuberculosis (see A4.60.1 below); or
    they have a mental disorder or intellectual disability that has needed care in a hospital or supervised residence for more than 90 days in the last 2 years; or
    they have a physical incapacity that requires full-time care.

    There's this bit about those who won't normally be granted a waiver as well plus medical waivers and those applying for residence . INZ can never have all the relevant information under one heading and it's all got different dates.

    And this talks about how they determine whether a waiver should be granted.

    Hope you can find some glimmer of hope amongst all that lot.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.


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