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Thread: Covering letter?

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    Default Covering letter?

    Just putting all our documents in order, ready to post tomorrow, and just noticed first item on pile is "covering letter" (shhh .. I'm supposed to be working!!)

    Has anyone else written one?

    What did you write?


    EOI Submitted 8th July 2007, 140 points no job offer.
    EOI Selected 18th July 2007
    ITA pack received 12th Oct 2007
    Completed ITA posted to NZIS 26th November 2007
    Case Officer assigned approx 22nd Feb 2008
    Immigration interview 7th May 2008
    PR AIP 10th May 2008
    Arrived in NZ, August 13th

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    Quote Originally Posted by zummerzet_lou View Post
    What did you write?
    Here's a summary of mine:

    Dear [name of visa officer]

    EOI 123456: Application for residence in New Zealand, Skilled Migrant category

    I enclose my application for permanent residence in New Zealand, under the Skilled Migrant Category, to take up the post of [job I've been offered].

    I have included the required original documents, together with photocopies as requested, in support of the information I provided on EOI No. 123456. These are all in a plastic folder at the back of the Application Form. Please note the following additions/alterations to the information provided in the original EOI:

    [bulleted list of amendments and additions]

    A table of documents enclosed is given below.

    [table of documents sent , in order]

    Should you have other inquiries regarding my application or if there are other documents you require, please feel free to get in touch with me at the above address, by telephone to [daytime phone number] or [mobile number], or by email to [my email address].

    Yours sincerely, etc

    * Re the plastic folder - I know they say they don't want this, but they're all different sizes, and it was to stop things falling out!

    Don't know if that's the right way or not, as I only sent it in last week

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    Our cover letter was similar to Max's, and it seemed to do the job. I can't recall, but I may have paper clipped our documents.
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