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Thread: Hubby has failed his medical- what now?

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    Angry Hubby has failed his medical- what now?

    After 5 weeks of deliberation, the NZ consultant has failed my husbands medical. He has a high BMI (48), and high blood pressure, which is well controlled on tablets. He is otherwise well.
    We are now looking at our options. We will try for a waiver- not sure what this entails. We are waiting for a call- back from our Immi Officer to ask her advice. We are hopeful that they would let me go out on my own to get settled, while he loses weight, then he could follow me out with the girls It's far from ideal, but we would be prepared to do it if it swung a decision from Immigration. As a last resort, I have said that we could aggree to pay for any healthcare related to his health- my hubby is against this, and says that this should only be as a last resort- tightwad Any advice would be great
    Job offer 21/06/07,EOI submitted 28/06/2007, EOI selected 04/07/2007, EOI successful 24/7/07, nurse registration arrived 24/7/07, medicals 24/7/07, ITA submitted and offer accepted on the house 24/08/07 Hubby failed medical, therefore had to let house offer go still fighting!

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    Oh Ali, that's bad news but perhaps all is not lost.

    I would suggest going for the medical waiver. Have a read through this previous post about medical waivers .

    I would say though, I know they take exception to overweight people, but don't necessarily fail them. Usually it just means an extra batch of tests for possible complaints that overweight people tend to suffer from. If his high blood pressure is well controlled by medication alone, there really shouldn't be a problem.

    You're a nurse and NZ desperately wants you there, so I would think that would go well in your favour if you have to go for a medical waiver. It would be nice to think that INZ wants you enough to overlook his weight and controlled medical problem.

    Good luck with the Case Officer. I hope she can confirm what I've said and all will be well in the end.
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    Good luck with it all Ali, as you said - if the worst comes to the worst he will have to go on a crash diet and join you later.

    Just a thought - I read somewhwer recently that if the BMI's of the All Blacks were taken NZIS would turn them down for being overweight. But who would dare tell them!!!

    Hang in there - I'm sure it will work out.
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    Sorry to hear that Ali but at least it's something that can be rectified with some patience and a concerted effort so all is not lost You'll find a way
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    I can imagine after that news your stress levels will be high.

    You're taking the right steps by speaking to your immo officer. Can you also look at getting a written letter from your Dr stating that his BP problem is under control and they see no need to worry about it?


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