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Thread: Can't stand the wait for medical results!

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    Angry Can't stand the wait for medical results!

    We now have everything ready to send our ITAs off EXCEPT our medicals, 'cos we are still waiting for the results At the time of the medical they asked for more info from my GP as I had a DVT in March. I sent this info a couple of days later, but have heard nothing since I rang them on Friday to find that they are still waiting for info- why can they not let me know this? I am sorting this info out (again) on Monday.
    Will the results of the medicals be sent directly to me- if so, can I assume that we are medically fit to go? Any help would be great!
    Job offer 21/06/07,EOI submitted 28/06/2007, EOI selected 04/07/2007, EOI successful 24/7/07, nurse registration arrived 24/7/07, medicals 24/7/07, ITA submitted and offer accepted on the house 24/08/07 Hubby failed medical, therefore had to let house offer go still fighting!

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    How long have you been waiting for your certificates now? You could still send in your ITA with a note to say that the medical stuff will be following when you receive it. I believe the medicals will be sent to you, but you're not allowed to open them, which is a bit of a bummer. Guess they don't want anyone Tippexing out the bad bits .

    Hope you don't have to wait much longer.
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    I submitted our medicals in April and we are still waiting - but our case is a little more complicated and more information was needed. the turn around has been quite slow and when we spoke to INZ yesterday we were told that there is a considerable backlog!

    BUT - we are in New Zealand, so don't know about UK processing times - though they were pretty quick to issue our 1 year work permits.

    Hope it helps - but I SOOOOOOOO appreciate your frustration, its a real roller coaster...I am at a low with ours again - really couldn't care less if we now get residency hahahahah!


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