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Thread: registration as nurse/midwife

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    Default registration as nurse/midwife

    Hi everyone, I have another question. I am a midwife and have to be registered with the Midwifery Council in New Zealnd before I can practice and also need it to apply for residency. It is long and laborious task, so anyone applying as a nurse/midwife start it months beforehand.
    I sent my paperwork off to the Council and they informed me the Board didn't sit again until the 8th January.
    I contacted them after the 8th and was told they would not be seeing my paperwork until the beginning of February. You can imagine my frustration.
    I would like to know if anyone has been in the same position. If so how long did it take to get the registration paperwork back from it being seen by the board, to actually arriving back in the UK on the mat.

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    Default Re: registration as nurse/midwife

    Hello Missvee

    What you are saying is what i have already heard plenty of times, which is a shame. You would think as one of the skills shortages they would make the whole process less cumbersome!

    Are you NQ? and have you had to find your student practice folder with all your numbers in as part of the process? I have a friend who is hoping to go this year but her uni has lost all her documents relating to her degree which is causing her just a little bit of stress!!! I hope to make the move in '09 as a MW and would love to practice in Christchurch.

    Good luck with the rest of your journey


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    Default Re: registration as nurse/midwife

    :) Hi, no I have been qualified since 2001. I think it is to cover all midwives from around the world. As you know not all midwives are qualified to the standard we are. I cannot practice as a lead maternity carer, that means I can't deliver women I care for. You have to take some more courses at Uni, such as pharmacology, you can then prescribe and courses in cultural sensitivity. I think this is the standard for all immigrant midwives. Once you have taken these courses you can work with other midwives in a self employed status.

    Don't know what your friend is going to do, that is terrible what the Uni has done.

    Thanks for the reply and watch this space.


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