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Thread: ITA Medical Q.A11 : been anywhere for 3 months+ ?

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    Default ITA Medical Q.A11 : been anywhere for 3 months+ ?

    Just had medical forms through.

    Q. A11 sprung out as my main (slight) worry. "List the countires in which you have lived, studied or worked for 3 months or more in the last 5 years"

    We were in Namibia/Botswana for just over 4 months about 2.5 years ago (volunteer work and a holiday). This is in an old out of date passport.

    Anyone know the consequences of putting stuff in this section? More tests? More delays/processing time?


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    Default Re: ITA Medical Q.A11 : been anywhere for 3 months

    Hi Nellyt

    I think NZIS are relying on your honesty more than anything with this sort of thing. ?Without evidence from your previous passport, I doubt they could track down that you were in those countries for that length of time. ?You were only there a couple of months over the specified time limit, which is a bit different to having lived there for several years.

    As 2.5 years have passed since you were there and you haven't come down with some nasty lurgy, I'd hope you weren't going to be a health threat to NZ and it's population.

    I doubt whether stating you were there for that period would hold up your application. ?It's no doubt purely for information purposes in case anything crops up in the future unless, of course, you were experiencing any weird symptoms that needed looking into. ?However, you've made me think now, as I'll be in a similar position when we come to apply, except that I've lived several years in several different countries so it's kind of a biggy for me as well and I can't fall back on the old expired passport let-out either. ? :-?
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