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Thread: on my way !

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    Default on my way !

    Hi Everyone, havent been on for a while as so much going on

    I finish work tomorrow and fly to Auckland on 23rd November, very scared/excited !

    No permanent work organised yet but very hopeful. Have temporary accom organised to end of January.

    Flying to AUckland to try there out for work for a bit. I am on a 6 month work to residence visa, anyone else here on the same?


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    Well done Katie, the next few days will fly by.

    You'll get work no problem. Dont get disheartened like I did when we moved to Wellie and thought 2 weeks was a long time without work. You may have to wait a few weeks but work's defo out there :)

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    Default Re: on my way !

    Yay, Katie ?

    Good luck for the flight down and hope you get lucky and land that all-important job. ?If you've done your homework well you should have some idea how easy it'll be to get one.

    Funny how a large number of our folks who've emigrated this year are centred either in Wellie or Bay of Plenty with just a few settling in or around Auckland. ?We now seem to be coming into a new wave of peeps moving down in the next few weeks.
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    Default Re: on my way !

    Hi Katie I don't know if this will be of any use to you but I need a childminder. I start work on Jan 8th. I will be in Whakatane which is Bay of Plenty and is beautiful. I can't pay much but possible bed and board could be thrown in.
    I am still in the UK, as I said I will be emplyed at the hospital. I have applied for residency but the employers want me there quickly so I am going on a work visa. My daughter is 13. If your interested or know anyone else who is leave a message and we can swap numbers.


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