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Thread: More info needed proving hard to gather!

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    Default More info needed proving hard to gather!

    Hi, I have now heard from NZIS that they need full job descriptions for all the jobs I am claiming experience of, I am applying as a solo skilled migrant.

    This is proving difficult to obtain as I have moved jobs a few times, anyone else had this problem?



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    Default More info needed proving hard to gather!

    Get as much together as you can, and see how many points that will get you. If you dont lose too many, then it wont matter. If you end up falling below the threshold, then they 'can' accept a signed declaration witnessed by a Jusitice of the Peace. Talk that over with your CO though :icon_biggrin:

    The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.

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    Default More info needed proving hard to gather!

    thanks Taffy


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    Default More info needed proving hard to gather!

    hi KatieJ,

    yes, when i seen that i had to get all this info together i was quite worried. I've had about 5 employers in last 12 years from which i was claiming my skills experience points from!! Sounds like you are in similar position?

    Plus, i aint good at prioritising these types of things - tend to put them off and off again - so i thought this is gonna take me years. However i sat down one night and wrote emails to contacts, old work colleagues, old managers, personnel offices, etc from previous jobs and hey within 6 weeks i pretty much had everything i needed. [smiley=icon_biggrin.gif]

    It wasnt entirely simple -
    - some employers i did have to 'chase' for info more than others,
    - One was very busy but said to send a a template of what i needed they would put in the actual details in, i.e. when and my correct job title.
    - An old work colleague - who now works with me - heard from our old boss that i was immigrating and caused me some concern in work!!! [smiley=icon_eek.gif]
    - my first employer has actually changed name and didnt have personnel records but luckily enough my old boss still worked there - that was a very good break i thought!! [smiley=icon_biggrin.gif] She actually explained the new letter heading and circumstances etc. big thanks to her i thought
    - my second employer went bust 8 years ago but i managed to track down my old boss from that time and he again explained in letter. more thanks eh [smiley=icon_biggrin.gif]

    as you see not quite a simple matter but keep trying and i would also say - get as much info as possible - cos what on employer may be short in info on then the others may make up for it.

    I also found past employers/managers were very helpful, which was good and made me pursue other ones that little bit more for the info i needed.

    anyways, all in all - it wasnt without the odd hiccup and did take around 2 months but it wasnt half way as bad as what i thought it would be.

    hope it starts to go as smooth for you. and as you will know doubt have realised - its gonna be well worth it. [smiley=icon_biggrin.gif]


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