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Thread: General questions and NZQA assessments

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    Default General questions and NZQA assessments

    Got ITA through in April. Applied for NZQA assessment . Paid for the fast track service. They asked for validation of city and guilds certificates. City and guilds told me that they sent off a letter to them on the 19th May. Has anyone any idea this fast track takes ?Or in this another way of conning more money out of us. We are panicking now. We are sure our case officer told us we needed to apply this month. My husband will be 56yrs in September. Is it possible for us to go ahead and have our medicals done and take all other paperwork to immigration.Whilst waiting for the assessments return. Feeling very down hearted. Will things happen at all?

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    Default General questions  & NZQA assessments

    Have you spoken to your Case Officer about the situation and pointed out that you?re running out of time? If NZIS asked for validation of the quals and City and Guilds have sent a reply back, it should be well underway. Perhaps your CO can check to make sure that the letter from C and G has been received and then can let you know how much longer it will take for a decision to be made.

    It?s always a bit dodgy with having the medicals done in case there?s some sort of hold-up before you get your decision. The medicals only last for 3 months and, if you run out of time, you?d have to have them done again. If your CO can throw some light on whether things are progressing satisfactorily and a decision is imminent, then it might give you the green light to go ahead with the medicals.

    It certainly won?t hurt to give them a prod and I?m sure they?re well used to it. Better to check they?ve received the letter from C and G rather than sit worrying about what?s happening. If your husband is 56 in a few months, I don't know whether it will go in his favour that he applied before he was 56. After all, if he reaches his birthday before the decision comes through, it will be down to NZIS and their drawn-out procedures rather than your hubbies fault.
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    Default General questions & NZQA assessments

    We have not been in touch with our case officer as yet. But we are going to contact her this next week. I have sent two e mails to nzqa. But have not had a reply. I am going to send a fax through tonight.Would have tried phoning them but have had a very busy weekend. We are both on early morning start. So will not be able to wait very long on the phone tonight.
    So will see if the post brings anything tomorrow or Tuesday. In the meantime a very frustrating time.

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