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Thread: Marketing job offer needed

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    Default Marketing job offer needed

    Hi all,

    Our application is in and it's just a matter of time before we get the stamp. However, this could apparently be June 2006. We got our ITA in on 29th Novemebr and have 110 points without a job offer. We're trying to get a job sorted out from the UK, is there anything or anyone you can suggest to help us?

    We cut our income (contracts) in the UK last week to concentrate on emigration - a brave move, it's going to cost us ?9,000 a month!


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    Default Marketing job offer needed

    I believe you have tried looking for open positions online at SEEK, jobstuff and etc....

    Perhaps you can also look at some of the Marketing Institute/Association in NZ although I am unsure about the names..

    Having someone in Marketing who is based in NZ can be really helpful too...

    Good luck!

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    Default Marketing job offer needed

    Hi Paul

    I'm in Marketing too. Need a job to reach points going out on a WHV. The CIM have a branch/contact in NZ (Auckland I believe), I emialed him a year or so ago asking sabout NZQA and CIM quals, he replied after about 3 days, so they do exist and could be a worthwhile contact. Where you headed? Keep us posted on your progress, might need you when I finally sell house hehe.

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