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Thread: parkside private clinic - Glasgow

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    Default parkside private clinic - Glasgow

    Dear All - last Thursday we had our medicals and xrays etc for ITA. We live in Glasgow - a handy 5 minute walk to the above named private clinic - one of the panel doctors highlighted by NZIS. My partner and I would suggest that unless you have absolutely no alternative - DON'T GO THERE!!!!!!!
    What a horrid's dirty....and smelly....and I think the doctor herself was of dubious cleanliness....and a bit stinky....sincere apologies if anyone out there knows the doctor....maybe it was an 'off' day pun intended!!! Urine sample into a paper cup and left on top of the cistern in the public toilet.....euk!
    Blood taken in haphazard manner - i will have a bruise for months! My partner had blood dripping from his arm when he came back into the waiting room, and had to go and be recheked.
    Also - no real attention paid to the partner has asthma and she actually marked - no asthma - on his form until he corrected her - she basically went through the form 100 miles an hour and then took ?200 from each of us.....(not incl. xrays by the way!).
    Anyway - we are going to write and complain about it - we feel very strngly that hospitals and clinics should be super sterile and at the very least doctors fingernails should be clean!!
    Also - I was quite looking forward to a full medical - MOT, but it was nothing like as thorough as I would have hoped......
    sorry for the rant!

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    Default parkside private clinic - Glasgow

    Whats the wost that could possibly happen!!!

    Go to a minging glasgee clinic, contract Hep C and spend the rest of your life sueing them for damages!!!:-(

    Report them to every governing body possible. That's outrageous and could well save peoples life if they were clamped down on. That is disgusting man.

    There are bodies that regulate private health clinics and you should make them aware of the squallor that is this place. Sounds horrible, sorry for your bad experience.

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    Default parkside private clinic - Glasgow

    Something definitely amiss there. The sooner they are reported the sooner other people will be spared having to go through that. As a clinic, you're more likely to come away from there sick instead of going there to be cured.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Default parkside private clinic - Glasgow

    i've seen the bruise!

    It's terrible.

    I spent some time in hospital a few years ago and one day they came to drain me of some blood and a young doctor had a student with him and he was teaching her how to do it.

    I told him to let her do it, I always feel they have to learn somehow, and the bruise I had after that girls first attempt at taking blood wasn't as bad as the one Jenny has.

    i'll be avoiding the place thats for sure.
    How do you spell MRSA?

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    Default parkside private clinic - Glasgow

    Try travelling south to Carlisle. My mothers GP is a panel doctor, and we have our medicals on 31st Jan. Estimated 2 hrs for 2 adults & 2 kids. Prices as follows;

    ?90 - Adult Medical
    ?70 - Kids medical
    ?110 - Adult Bloods
    ?40 - Adult x-ray.

    He has been my mothers GP for 30 years...she's still alive as well, so he must be fairly clean though!

    Feel sorry for you though Jento

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    Default parkside private clinic - Glasgow

    620 all in then Nick (or Jacky ,sorry if it's you Jacky.)

    i will be phoning round the ones up here this week, (avoiding parkside) if your man in carlisle is cheapest, we may make the trip..

    cheers for the info..

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    Default parkside private clinic - Glasgow

    It would be a half day visit for you guys, you would need to the radiology dept at the hospital first for your chest x-rays then off to the doctors for the medicals. Doctors is only a mile off the M6.



    (its always me, Jacky doesn't "do forums" - leaves it all to me)

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    Default parkside private clinic - Glasgow

    i didnt have best experience here either. i'm hoping the report that the doc sent in is less rushed. it wasnt a good experience and yeah had bruise for at least a week after!

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