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Thread: who can certify copies?

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    Default who can certify copies?

    Hello all, does anyone know who is allowed to certify copies of passports etc for sending to NZIS? Will a teacher do, or a policeman?
    Also - we are due to have medicals etc on 1st december, does anyone know if i have to take forms with me to be completed?
    Thanks again everyone

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    Default who can certify copies?

    Hi Jento,

    Normally what you need to do is to bring your original passports when you submit the ITA package to NZIS and they will view it and return you very soon. I do not think there is a need to get them certify true copies.

    I went thru my medicals by bringing the forms since the doctor has to fill them while perfoming the examination and there is one portion which you have to sign in the presence of the doc.

    Good luck!


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    Default who can certify copies?

    solicitors can, there are others, but I can't bring them to mind

    We just included the originals together with an uncertified copy as it states that even if you supply a certified copy they may want to see the originals at a later date anyway.
    They will have to see your original passports for sure as they need to put the stickers in them.

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    Default who can certify copies?

    You really should send original passports. As I remember we had to produce passports at our medicals to prove identity so don't forget to get the medicals over first.

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