I'm new to this forum. It was a roller coaster journey for me here in NZ. My first plan failed however I came up with plan B which is now to get my residency for Restaurant Manager with job offer and been working for them more than a year.


January 27 - EOI submitted

February 3 - Selected from the pool

February 29 - ITA received

March 15 - Immigration received all my docs

March 16 - My medical was retrieved from their system

Usually around what month would I have assignment of CO? I'm also worried coz heaps of people say that restaurant manager could not anymore get residency however my company supported heaps already and almost all approved. My boss is really into helping me get this one. He even told me that he knows what the immigration wants to hear from him. Could someone tell me if I have a big chance to be approved??

Thank you! so stressed out now